Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Call Wonder Pets

I was at my sister-in-law’s house last week and as I was driving out of the neighborhood, I saw a hawk flapping around near some bushes. I thought it was hunting something so I turned around to get some photos. It turned out that the poor thing was injured – he appeared to have a broken wing. In lieu of the girl’s suggestion that we call the Wonder Pets, I got one of the neighbors to get the number for the fish and game commission, so we could call for a raptor rescue. But I took a few shots while we waited:


In other news, I ate pizza (with mushrooms and hot peppers. . .mmm) for breakfast. Florine Marks is probably rolling over in her grave. You know, if she were dead. She’s not dead is she? I don’t think she is. I’m going to have to go look it up. And I tell you, if I find out that all this time I have been watching and counting and drinking eleventy gallons of water a day and she died all huge and floppy and needed one of those giant caskets, all bets are off, dead, fat Florine!

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mdx3mom said...

I so totally have to agree with you on "sports". I do not understand Water Pole, Badminton, and ping pong. Now I have heard that this is the last year for women's softball. Really how is that fair? I mean the only reason I havae heard is that the US team has won gold the last 5 years and not by a small margin either. BIG HUGE margins. And that is the only reason so far that I have heard. That is just not right.

Just my thoughts. Sorry for babbling on. I too have been staying up WAY too late at night and draggin tale the next morning.

flutter said...

mmmmm olympic pizza.

meno said...

I can't get into the boxing.

Is bridge still an olympic sport?? Any "sport" that you can do while smoking a cigarette just isn't a sport to me.

Stacy said...

The worst part about it is the fact they consider PING PONG a sport over ballroom dancing....ballroom dancing kicks major ass AND you have to keep a douchebag smile on your face the whole time. Ping pong only has the whole Forest Gump thing going for it....