Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love You Guys!

I really do love you guys, but I'm actually referring to the drunken version of "I love you guys."

You know - the kind where your husband has a surprise party for you for your 40th birthday and you are so excited and touched that everyone came.

And then you drink, and you get all, "OMG, I am so lucky to have these people, they are awesome!"

And then you drink some more and you're like, "You guys rock! I wish you were here EVERY DAY!!"

And then you have another mojito and start with the "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

And then you have yet another mojito and get all, "This is so much fun. We need to do this more often. How about next Saturday? Everyone can come and we'll have a big girl's night party and you'll all stay over and IT'LL BE AWESOME!!!!!"

And then you have a couple more drinks and then you pass out go to sleep and then you don't think about it again.

And then five days later your sister-in-law calls you and asks if you are still on for tomorrow and you're happy because you were planning on SIL and N(iece)IL coming down for a the night and you say, "Yeah - I was hoping you were still coming!" And then she says, "ALL of us?" And then you start hearing the Psycho shower scene music in your head, because you have no idea who "all of us" entails and have no recollection of inviting anyone except Weenie and Scabs. But you know you get all "I Love You Guys" when you drink and OMG he has a huge family and even with just the girls there are six sisters and countless nieces and niece-in-laws and great nieces and Oh! My! God!

But then you remember that you finally have some room for people in the house and you have been waiting for years for just that so you could entertain, and there is HELLA leftover beer and wine and rum, and they will all bring food, because they don't know how to go anywhere without gobs of food, and so what if you have to clean the house and all its crevices tonight and tomorrow (and again on Sunday) and know you will have a great time because YOU LOVE THOSE GUYS!!

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meno said...

See, they were right! Don't Drink And Invite!

Susan said...

Ha! Have fun and don't drink too much this time, or you'll be having weekly sleepovers.

Allison Says said...


I hope you had fun. The nights that turn into "I LOVE YOU GUYS" nights are the best.