Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Will Be Saying Fuck a Lot Today

I want to talk about how happy I am this morning, about how proud I am of the decision we as a country made. I want to talk about the screams of delight and tears of joy. I really do. But it will have to wait because I am so pissed off right now that I am physically ill. I came home to a letter last night that sucked any joy I would have had right the hell out of me. Even after sleeping on it, I am still so angry I can’t even concentrate.

You see, it seems that my son’s “truancy” has warranted our being referred to a social services agency. Notice “truancy” is in quotes. We took him out of school for one week to go on vacation. A family trip, in our school district, is considered an excused absence. He went to school his first day back with his huge stack of completed homework. He made up all the tests. He has all As and Bs. This is bullshit!

I need to post the letter so you can truly understand my fury. First – the agency is an outside group called Try Again Homes, Inc. OK – “Try Again Homes”???? That sounds a little too much like CYS to me. They have two mottoes on their letterhead: “Giving Families New Direction” and Serving Children, Strengthening Families, and Building Lives.” WTF???

I checked out their website and they are all about “families at risk” and “families in need” and “families poised to have a child removed from their care” and adoption and foster children. This is motherfucking CYS/Social Services with a prettier name. Again, WTF?? WHAT!!! THE!!! FUCK?!?!?

The letter states:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. B:

I am an Educational Advocate from Try-Again Homes Inc. Our agency is collaborating with the Asshole School District in a Truancy Intervention Prevention Program. Frequent Truancy often leads to poor grades, grade level failure, and ultimately dropping out of school. The goal of our TIPP Program is to help prevent truancy and provide assistance to families and students, if needed, to identify and overcome the obstacles that may be interfering with the student’s ability to complete their basic education. The collaboration with the schools may also extend to other community agencies and resources when it is determined that the student and family could benefit from their special services.

The Boy has been referred to our agency because he has been absent for 6 days during this school year, of which 2 are illegal. It is important we meet with you to discuss this matter. A parent conference is set for Thursday, November 13th at 12:00 pm (noon)

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 724-eat-shit. Also, please call and confirm the appointment date and time.

Do I have any concerns? You think??


1. The fact that he missed 5 days and not 6!
2. The fact that they were excused, according to both the school policy on absences and the student handbook!
3. The fact that it makes no sense that they would claim that some of them are excused and some are not – they were all for the same thing!
4. The fact that they should be aware that they are excused, given that I sent letter to the principal and every teacher weeks in advance!
5. The fact that the school had him carry a form, around to every teacher to be signed off on!
6. The fact that every single year he has had near perfect attendance and two years, he had PERFECT ATTENDANCE!
7. The fact that he is so OBVIOUSLY not a child at risk – he went back to school after vacation with his huge stack of homework done, he gets good grades, he’s well liked by his teachers, he participates in extracurricular activates – the boy plays multiple instruments in the band, for fucks sake – does this sound like a child at risk to you??!!!!!
8. The fact that it’s hilarious to me that we are suddenly a family at risk, because we took our FAMILY on a FAMILY VACATION!!!!!!!
9. The fact that if this school DOES NOT HAVE ITS SHIT TOGETHER and has the incorrect number of days absent, and has incorrectly designated them as illegal!!
10. The fact that two days – although incorrect – is worthy of bringing in an outside agency!!
12. The fact that if the school would spend even a fraction of them time they spend on those goddamned PSSAs on a little fucking QUALITY CONTROL, this would not be a problem!! If they had taken even one FUCKING MINUTE to check their FUCKING FACTS before they referred us to A FUCKING AGENCY, this would be all for naught!!!!

Yeah – I’ve got a few concerns.

I immediately called the agency and left a voicemail. I realize that my beef is with the school, who did the referring, but I am a little ticked about the agency making me an appointment and assuming I’d be available, so I left a VM letting them know that I would most certainly NOT be meeting with them. I called the school this morning, but the principal was unavailable (surprise). I will be giving her one more call and then I am going to the superintendent. Or maybe I’ll just go to him anyway. If they don’t fix this shit immediately, it will be a huge mistake. Our school has had some negative publicity in the past and I imagine that they don’t want any more.



I spoke with the woman from the agency and she was very nice. She said that as soon as she got my message she looked at his records and could immediately see that it was his vacation and she couldn't understand why he was referred. She said that she gets frustrated because this happens a lot and she ends up with (rightfully) irate parents calling her. She is upset that the school isn't doing a better job. She made me feel a million times better when she said that we don't have to meet and she doesn't have to look into his attendance any further. She did say that she will be going to the school this week to discuss this with them. Yay. Because seriously - if she was able to spend 5 minutes looking at his records and figuring it the fuck out, why can't the school? Oh -and that extra day? It was an excused absence for a scouting trip. The thing is? He didn't go on that trip! He was in school!! SO he could have ditched school (or god forbid, been abducted) and no one would have known) Fuckers.



OMG, I hate the school principal!!

I called earlier this morning ans she wasn't available,. this didn't surprise me because at the beginning of the year, I had to call her a couple of times because his schedule was screwed up and each time, she was not available and instead passed messages through the secretary.

So I didn't want to leave a message this morning, but said I would call back. the secretary asked why I was calling and I told her briefly of the situation. I called back a couple of hours later (after I had spoken to the agency) and when the secretary answered, i identified myself and asked if the principal was available. She said sure and put me on hold. And then she came back a couple of minutes later and said that Mrs. Bitchbagcuntface wanted her to tell me that it was not her job and that I needed to talk to the assistant principal because it was his job, bt he is out until Monday.

In case you missed that - she said it was NOT HER JOB!!!

Well, my tax dollars say it IS her job! I understand that attendance issues may fall under the assistant principal's job duties, but since he is the assistant and she is the principal, that makes it her fucking job!!! Especially given that I have an actual problem that needs to be addressed (she had no idea whether I spoke to the agency yet or not), and because the asst principal was out for the rest of the fucking week.

Fucking Bitch!!

I am planning on getting in touch with the superintendent now, because this is unacceptable - both the complete failure of the attendance system and - especially - the behavior of this principal. I think I may have to email, though, because I know my weaknesses and my big one is my temper and potty mouth (what the fuck of it?). So I am afraid to call for fear of going all crazy and undoing any good I might accomplish otherwise. So I need to calm down, gather my thoughts and draft an email. The problem is that I am so frustrated I can't calm down and think straight. So all you smart, eloquent folks out there, feel free to give me some advice on what to write. If I'm left to my own devices, there may be a few too many fucks, dickheads, motherfuckers, assholes and even a cunt or two.

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Amy said...

OMG. That is outrageous! My guess is that they are also Republicans and they are just looking for ways to ruin your day. Bastards.

Susan said...

OK, not sure whether I'm too late here, but all I'll suggest is to draft the email and then WALK AWAY from the computer for at least an hour. Overnight is better, but may be too long for the situation.

I don't blame you one bit for being angry (with caps and exclamation points) -- if you want an objective eye to review anything, happy to do that.

Amy's comment did make me laugh, though. Perhaps she's right that the Principal was "seeing red" this morning.

Jennifer said...

WOW. That's insane!!! At least the lady at the agency was helpful and nice... but seriously? I would totally go to the superintendent... and email might be good also so you have a record of it. Sounds like they REALLY need to get their crap together.

Shippie said...

Just awful! Kick ass and take names. It so saddens me when things like this happen because yet again, people and money are taken away from cases/kids that really DO NEED these services. People need to get their freaking act together.

Michelle said...

Ok, coming from someoone totally on the outside and not going through this, it absolutely cracks me up. The absurdity of it all is laughable.

And my letter? Something along these lines:

Dear Superintendent,

I am writing to to you express my concern on a few levels in regards to a recent incident involving my son.

As a preface, my son is (list accomplishments). We recently took him out of school on an excused absence for a family vacation for a week. While on vacation, he completed all his homework, which he turned in on the day we returned. Additionally, he has made up all his tests and quizzes without issue.

However, I recently received a letter from XYZ agency (see enclosed) which I find baffling. The tone of the letter is completely inappropriate for a first contact with any family, let alone our family which never should have received this letter.

The fact that we received this letter at all is concerning to me, as the data it was based on was errnoeous. In the conversations that I had with the agency, this is not the first or even an infrequent occasion where a family has been referred in error. It does not reflect well on the school district, and I sincerely hope that you will assist in modifying the process for referring families in the future.

The second issue is also related to the letter I received. When I received the letter, I phoned the school and was told that Mrs. A was not available. I called back a few hours later to speak with her and was placed on hold. The secretary came back on the line a few moments later with a mesage from Mrs. A stating that (quote).

I find this to be unacceptable, as I have an issue that I would like to have addressed. When a subordinate is out of the office for a length of time, it is ultimately her responsibility to address the issue and at the very least hear me out and work to address the problem with the assistant principal going forward. This is not the first time that I have had difficulties with Mrs. A this year, and I can only hope that you can help educate her that her responsibilities fall outside her strict job description.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further should you have any questions. You can reach me at XXXXXX.

Thank you for your attention,
Johnny's Mom

Jen said...

What is it about people using the word FUCK when they are pissed off, that is so funny to me? I have no idea, but I found this post HYSTERICAL. Not the situation, mind you. I would have been shooting fire from my nose and taking prisoners. What ended up happening anyway?