Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My office flooded over the weekend and is now totally disgusting. I had to go in yesterday to check out the damage. Luckily, most of my personal stuff was OK, and my computer still seems to be working. I was surprised, because there were splash marks on it and my monitor, but so far, so good. My space heater was destroyed, along with some sweaters I had in the office and there are tons of wet papers all over. But all in all, not too bad. The worst thing is that the ceiling tiles got soaked and fell down, which made a huge mess. And the office stinks to high heaven like nasty, wet ceiling tiles. I don't know if they have fiberglass or (god forbid) asbestos in them, but after breathing the air in there for about 30 minutes, my throat was scratchy and irritated and I had a headache. Awesome.

However, yesterday also brought some happy things. First off - the ladies that provide childcare for me each got a new puppy. And puppies are always a good thing. Plus, my cousin had her baby and we got to see him. The girl was thrilled to get to hold him:

And finally, my aunt bought the girl some art supplies at the dollar store:


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Chris said...

AHAHAAA Please tell me you're making that up!!!! That's just TOO funny.

Your kiddos are adorable! And holy cow at the flood! How on Earth did it flood so badly that there were splash marks and wet ceiling tiles? Is your office in the basement?

Chris said...

You should go submit that picture at http://failblog.org/ I love that site.

Elisa said...

Oooh, congrats on the new nephew! (2nd cousin? never could keep that straight) Your daughter is SO cute.

Anonymous said...


I think that's all.

*wiping tears of laughter from eyes*


Karen said...

The girl looks very, very much like you. More so every day. She's just darling.

Puppies are always good. Naturally.

But the stamp art tampons just leave me speechless. What is there to say? Do you wear them? do you color with them? Do you color with them after you wear them?

Ginny Marie said...

Those stamp art tampons...gotta wonder about those dollar store products! That's so funny!

I just love holding newborns. What a treat! Such a cute picture!

Magpie said...

what? what?

Karly said...

Art tampons? What's funny about art tampons? Doesn't EVERYONE have art tampons? You should totally submit that to the fail blog.

And the pic of your little girl and the baby? Adorable!