Thursday, December 3, 2009


I was at my mom’s house this weekend and she had my very favorite ornament hanging on her tree - it is a stuffed, cartoon-ish reindeer in scarf and hat and gloves, holding a Christmas sign. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see those four letters: “NEOL”

Neol, indeed - it’s the season to disguise Christmas (and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa) as some sort of general winter holiday, which never fails to piss me off. Personally, I don’t care if you believe in God or Jesus - whatever. If you want to celebrate a completely pagan-ized version of Christmas, that’s fine, too. I really, truly don’t care - you have a right to do as you please. While I do believe that you can’t have Christmas without Christ, I will support and defend your right to do/celebrate/believe what you want. Because as long as I can do what I want, too, we’re fine. And what I want to do is feel the true spirit of the season (though I will readily admit to getting caught up in the commercialized trappings of the season). And if that involves wearing my “Jesus is the Reason” pin and putting a nativity on my desk, etc, that’s what I’ll damned well do.

I get so sick of this group or that group getting upset and pissed off over Christmas decorations. OK, at city hall, I can see the point - separation of church and state and all. Of course, I am a card-carrying liberal and still have no problem with holiday decorations at school or city hall. I don’t care if they are Christian, Jewish, whatever. It’s a special time of year. As long as you cover them all - whatever. I don’t necessarily want to see a crucifix all year, but a damned Christmas tree or a menorah isn’t hurting me or anybody else. But I can accept that with all the things I believe in regarding church/state separation, come things like this. I can suck it up. I have my own tree at home to enjoy.

But I really don’t get when people get shit for having decorations for their own holiday on their own private property. I know people who don’t think anyone should have anything outside where others might see it and get offended. Please. If seeing a damned Santa offends you, you’re in big trouble, pal. Because life in general? Full of the offensive. Get over it. And to bitch about a church having a nativity (which, yes, I have heard)? Are you an idiot? Seriously? Do you know of this thing called a church? Geez. I’m “offended” by all the hanging-out ass I have to look at driving through campus. I’m “offended” by the Asshole Traffic Brigade. I’m “offended” by Jon Gosselin. And yet I have to face all that shit daily. Who can I sue?

There is a local family that is pretty well-off that over the past 20 years or so, have been very prominent in leading the marches and suits and fights to stop having Christmas decorations in the city buildings. OK, whatever - to each his own. The city offered to put up menorahs, etc, to appease all groups, but this family was having no parts of it. The Christmas stuff offended their non-Christian beliefs. Again - whatever. But there’s one part of the story you don’t know. This family also owns a chain of stores that sell outdoor summary stuff in the warm months, but come fall? A giant Santa shows up on the roof of the businesses. And they sell Christmas trees and ornaments and outdoor decorations and garland and wrapping and all the detritus of the holiday. Big, fat hypocrites, much?

The security guard in the building where I work used to decorate his desk with a tree and a Santa Claus. He isn’t allowed to anymore because someone complained. Not because it was a religious freedoms type thing. But because Santa was white. Yes, because he did not have a multi-ethnic, trans-gendered, handicapped, deaf, blind, brain-damaged, immigrant, female Santa, he offended someone and had to take it down. How fucked up is this? The man is bringing you free gifts, people!! Do you really care what color he is? He could have two heads, purple skin, antennae and a big, green ass but if he comes bearing an ipod, then COME ON IN, FAT MAN!!

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Burgh Baby said...

Your head would probably explode from confusion if I ever told you my whole belief system, but I'm 100% with you by the end. Bring on the tacky decorations! Everywhere! All of them! MORE DECORATIONS!

I'm sure you find that part of my statement completely shocking. Heh.

Lisa said...

Oh my, how refreshing I am not the only one going batty over this nonsense. I intend to flat out ignore those that are offended, just as I ignore those that offend me. Everything has to be a political/religious issue these days to get anyone to give a flying rip. Sorry state of affairs indeed.

Mrs. Chili said...

Just "yes!"

Mermanda said...

Gina, thanks for sharing your dreams with me on my blog. (How corny does that sound?) But really, that's really interesting about the town thing. I have a similar set of dreams where I'm always in the same mall... but it's a mall that doesn't exist. Or at least not one I've ever been to. It's always set up the same. Food court upstairs. Big department store on the end where I can never figure out where anything is. And the parking lot is vast and always the perfect setting for some creepy twist (like an abduction). Fun dreams!

bluzdude said...

I am deeply offended by people that are easily offended.

I don't know why we, as a culture, think we have the right to skip through life without ever being offended.

I would submit that people that are offended should get the hell over it, because the matter is probably none of their damned business in the first place.

Happy Neol.

meno said...

Nice rant. Right on!

Bethtastic said...

Amen. Er... Maybe that's too Christian to say... (heh.)

Still. AMEN!

And Happy Neol. (HA! I LOVE THAT!)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much with @bluzdude on this one. And you, too. People need to get a grip, mind their own beeswax, and stay the heck away from my symbols of the season.


Anonymous said...

I'm offended by your Santa Claus. He's clearly obese and gives kids the wrong idea. And leaving him cookies? That is entirely too...

OK. I can't even type that with a straight face.

Right on, lady.

Michelle said...


I'm slowly deciding that people are just too wrapped up in themselves that they can't see past their immediate (perceived) needs. That or they're truly that ignorant. Either of them drives me bananas.


Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTER!!! I am glad someone else feels this way...I was getting all depressed and angry about it, so its nice to know I'm not alone. Can't we just enjoy this time of year without fighting about it?! Coexist for crying out loud!