Saturday, April 3, 2010

Operation Sweet Sixteen Update

Some things:

1. You guys are SO awesome to want to participate.

2. I have decided it can't be totally anonymous, since it might freak this very nice family out that a bunch of strangers have their daughter's name and address, so I will have them sent in care of me and I will deliver them. We still won't mention the party, but I plan to say something along the lines of that I told my internet friends it was her sweet sixteen and people wanted to help make it special. I just want to make sure it doesn't sound like pity in any way.

3. I will get the info out to you all on Monday. I am sick and I have about seventy million things to do today and tomorrow.

4. Several of you left comments, but I don't have your email addresses. If you didn't enter an email address in your comment, please either comment again or email me at sugarmag at live dot com and I will send the info.

5. Seriously? You guys are the best.

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Funky Mama Bird said...

Doh! Should have thought to put the address in the comment box.

sarabetha at gmail dot com

MsTeb said...

jessica dot tebbets at gmail dot com

Uncle Crappy said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet! I'm a little behind on this, but if there's still time, go ahead and hit me. albamaria30 at verizon dot net.