Friday, September 24, 2010


So I told you previously about getting a chance to help out The Motherhood and Libby's help some people in need.

Well, I did just that last week and had a blast. I met some very nice bloggers, including the quite Amazing Hannah Keeley. Talking to Hannah about my own dinner issues was great - she gave me some great ideas, and not for one moment did she make me feel like I was any less of a mom than her (even though she is totally SuperMom - I swear, she is. Also? Tall and thin and gorgeous).

After we talked to Hannah and had some yummy appetizers, we brought out all the items for our care packages - there were tons of Libby's products, family calendars, activities to get families to the table, recipes, and lots of cooking utensils and gadgets. Each of these care packages will go to a family moving into their new Habitat for Humanity home.

I have to tell you - one of the reasons I was intrigued by Libby's Back to the Table campaign is that my own family struggles with finding time to sit down together. We don't eat as healthy as I would like, either. I know many of you are in the same boat as me, as far as having busy schedules, and long commutes, and work, and insanity. So Libby's is giving me a chance to have a giveaway. one lucky commenter will win a nice prize, including a reusable grocery bag, Libby's product, and this cool can opener.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your best tip for getting your family back to the table - whether it's how to keep communicating, dinner activities, getting help from your family, meal ideas, etc. I want to hear them all!

You get bonus entries (1 each) for following Libby's on twitter, fanning them on facebook, or creating a profile on the virtual can drive. Just leave another comment for each one, with a link to the tweet/profile/etc.

I'll leave it open until Wednesday, since the weekend is just beginning and you folks - unlike me - have lives and do things other than chauffeur and drink and piss around on the internet on the weekend.

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Roxy said...

I try to get my kids and hubby involved with me before dinner is made. They may help prep, do some of the cooking or just hang out in the kitchen to keep me company. When they are more involved with the process they have no problem staying at the table to eat.

Burgh Baby said...

Get this. The short person in my house has no idea that it is possible to sit on the couch and eat dinner. REALLY. For as long as she can remember, we've gathered around the table. Just don't tell her about the days of yonder when we couldn't see the top of our table because it was always piled so high with crap.

Uncle Crappy said...

Granted, it's a little easier for us, because if Mrs. Crappy and I agree on something, we don't really have to convince anyone else (except for the cat, and he'll follow us pretty much anywhere if food is involved). When we moved two years ago, we finally had a kitchen with space for a table; that's when we made a commitment -- eat at the kitchen table (or in the dining room if we're being fancy) and actually talk to each other. There's no TV in the kitchen. It's just us. And the cat, who desperately wants a bite of steak.

MsTeb said...

We recently moved to the table only to show the twins table manners and drinking out of real cups. Sure it's easier to eat in the kitchen (where I can mop up the mess and clean at the same time).

Dina said...

Our kitchen table? piled with crap. Everyone is always on the go during the day and its impossible to corral them. But we do sit at the dining room table every evening for dinner, including baby Bella now. We do a go'round, asking each person the best part of their day, and they expand on it. We also have them do their lows... Its a great way to keep tabs on what's going on in their lives. One kid sets the table and clears it away, each person takes their own dishes and puts them in the dishwasher.
It works. And it's awesome.

melanie said...

we have three kids to give attention to at the table so we try to make sure everyone gets a chance to talk about their day. if someone has been quiet, then we all ask them a question.

Anonymous said...

no clue. we don't own a dinner table. maybe when the house is finished i'll look back at this for suggestions.