Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winner coming soon...I promise


Edited to add that told me that comment #18 was the winner! And that lucky person is Carmen @ life blessons. Carmen - I've emailed you - just send me the info I need and you'll get your gift card ASAP. Congratulations!


I just wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget you - I will be announcing the winner of the $50 gift card very soon!

Until then, here's a very sad puppy getting his SECOND bath of the day. It's his second bath not because I enjoy wrestling a biting, chewing, wiggling ball of badness into the tub, but because after his first bath he ate cat litter-encrusted cat poop in a delightful clumping cat-pee/litter reduction, puked it up in his crate, and then ROLLED IN IT.

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Anonymous said...

oh, those eyes!

AmyLK said...

Poor sad puppy! Contests to Carmen!

Cocktails for Dummies said...

Lovely puppy ! I have also one and his name is Sky :)