Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giveaway: I Made It! Market and Very Merry Glass

Have you heard about I Made It! Market? If not, don't feel bad - I hadn't either until somewhat recently myself. But I am so glad I did. Because it's a pretty cool concept. On their website, I Made It! Market describes itself as "a fantastical, nomadic, pop up handmade shopping place," which is pretty accurate. but for those of you who want to know a little more about what that means, I Made It! Market is a nomadic indie crafts marketplace provides opportunities for artists to bring their wares to market and we partner with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist them in improving our communities. Basically, a pretty awesome concept - crafters and artists get an opportunity to sell their products, shoppers get a chance to buy locally made, interesting, and beautiful things, local communities and organizations benefit, and everyone gets a chance to enjoy a fun day out and meet some great people. What's not to love?

While the whole family can enjoy I Made It! Market any time, on Saturday, April 21th, they are having an event that is aimed at families with children, called I Made It! Market Jr. More than 30 artists will offer handmade wares geared especially to kids and parents. Plus, there will be fun music, handmade gifts made just for your favorite kiddo, face painting, a photo booth, and family fun activities.

One of those artists is allowing me to host a giveaway here. The very talented Mary makes delightful stained glass nightlights. I have always wanted to learn to do stained glass, but lets be honest here - I am 1) impatient, 2) easily distracted, and 3) clumsy as all get-out. None of these attributes work well with such an art - I would be surrounded by broken glass, probably bleeding, and definitely crying. So I leave it to the truly talented. Take a look at some of her designs (Head over to her Etsy shop, Very Merry Glass, and see all her designs):

One lucky reader will be getting this adorable turtle nightlight:

Adorable! (seriously - I should keep it for myself)

All you have to do is leave me a comment - any comment. Tell me if you're crafty and if so, what you like to make. Of not, what you would like to be crafty at. Or tell me anything at all and you're entered. Tweet it & let me know you did and you'll get an extra entry. You don't have to be local and you don't have to attend the event (though it sounds like a lot of fun).

I will pick a winner on Friday, April 20th, so enter now.

Here's more information about the event:

I Made It! Market and Bakery Square present Family Fun in the Square: I Made It! Market presents a pop up marketplace featuring handmade items for babies and bigger kids. I Made It! Jr. will take place as a part of Bakery Square’s Family Fun in the Square on Saturday, April 21st from 12 - 4pm offering unique items hand crafted by 30 local artisans. Come and dance to fun music, get your picture taken with friends in a photo booth, have your face painted and more! For more information, or to learn about our artists, visit www.imadeitmarket.com.

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/173648286081628/

Update: I will adding links to other I Made It! Jr giveaways here:

Dawn is giving away a personalized set of a onesie, a blanket, and four burp cloths from Grace in Abundance. To enter, go here.

Dina is giving away roll-up crayon case from Gillie Beans Boutique. To enter, go here.

LinkMrs. Burgher is giving away an adorable set of felt play food. To enter, go here.

Burghbaby is giving away a photography session, one 8x10 and one 5x7 from Anne Lopez Photography. To enter, go here.

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hello haha narf said...

i'm not very crafty, but i like to think that i could be!

those night lights are fantastic. i'm in love with both the elephant and the turtle. so adorable!

thanks for the giveaway! xoxo

Quarantine Hobby said...

I am so not crafty. At all. But I like to look at all of the cool crafty things on Pinterest and tell myself I can do it! But I never will.

The turtle is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Is baking crafty? because it's something that I am starting to do with and for the kids: bake.

Also, I really want to get back into knitting. I learned a few years ago -- ha! a few? The last thing I knit was Flora's baby blanket that we brought her home from the hospital in 7+ years ago. It is beautiful. I'd love to make scarves and mittens and sweaters for my babies!

I would very much like the turtle nightlight.

Unknown said...

I do soul collage, which is a ton of fun. I also love to cook, although I'm not sure that it is a craft. :)
I LOVE these night lights.

Unknown said...

I tweeted!

Jennifer said...

I love the turtle and all of the other designs! In my future life I imagine a time where spare time to be creative magically appears. I love being crafty, but the time doesn't exist right now.

mrsgregwillis said...

So cute!

I scrapbook, but I am so behind on the kids' books. And right now, who isn't in love with all the crafty to do's on Pinterest? Sigh. :)

Bellwether poetry said...

Haha...so NOT crafty. I have no trouble at all coming up with ideas-- it's just the execution that causes me all sorts of problems. That turtle nightlight is super cute! Headed to Etsy now to browse... :)

Bethtastic said...

Other people would probably say I'm crafty.

I say I'm inpatient, and when I can't find exactly what I want, I make it myself. And it either turns out ok, or it's sucks rocks and I feel like a moron. ;)

That turtle is damn cute.

Cheryl said...

So glad I found your blog. Am bookmarking it for reading often.

jme said...

I made paper flower centerpieces for my wedding! So I am crafty but this cute little turtle would be perfect for my Tortuga!

Frogs in my formula said...

Found your site via Magpie Musing. Your comment cracked me up. I am kind of crafty, but I'd never try to sell any of it. Still, I try...


I like the turtle too!

mommajanjan said...

Don't know if I will make it to market as my granddaughter is due to arrive on the 20th, but I would love to give her a little turtle nightlight!

dstefanyszyn said...

I like crafting one day I will have the time to do it until then I just purchase things from others :) That's right along with gardening one day I will learn not to kill everything haha.
Love the turtle would make a perfect gift for my new neice/nephew who will be here in Sept

Mollie said...

We're looking forward to Saturday!!

grammylolo said...

I love all kinds of crafts shows and I am very glad I found out about Saturday, The night lite would look great in my granddaughter's bedroom that will be an animal theme. A trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo with my daughter and granddaughter created the new theme.

Rebecca M. said...

LOVE the turtle nightlight! Would go perfectly with my turtle collection! I wish I was artistic - I get these awesome crafty ideas in my head, but somewhere between my head and hands, the concept gets garbled and never ever turns out anything like I had originally planned. Oh well. Guess that's what I Made It! Market is for.

Kate said...

I am super crafty! I make wreaths, ornaments, flower arrangements, dryer balls, Halloween costumes, and more! I also do photography along with my fill-time job. The turtle night light would look perfect in our son's bedroom. :)