Friday, June 6, 2008

Working from Home: Not all it's cracked up to be...

Working from home is awesome!

I think I’ll le the kids stay home today, since they are still sleeping.

This is great.

Boy, it’s getting hot already.

I’ll bet the office is comfortable.

Hey – they boy is up.

And the girl – hi Sweety.

Damn, it’s humid.

Whining? Already?

But hey – I didn’t have to drive in to the city.

Please stop fighting.

And whining.

Oh GOD, why didn’t I take them to daycare?

It’s hot.

I don’t care – just eat it.

No – no Coke at 8:00 am.

How much longer before I can stop?

Because I’m working. Working!

No, you can not do that.

I’m trying to work!

OMG, stop crying!!

I am so stupid. I am SOOOOO stupid for thinking this was a good idea.

He’s not allowed to have coke either.

Please stop!


Asshole coworker. I’m glad I’m home.

No, I’m not.

It is so HOT!

Close your mouth!

If he doesn’t close his fucking mouth when he chews I am going to make him eat meals with the goddamn dog.

If you don’t close your mouth when you chew, I am going to make you eat with the dog.

Oh great – a spill!

What? You need this manuscript done when???


Oh – you’re serious.


Close your mouth!

It’s hot.

No, you can not go on my computer while I am out of the office – it will have to wait until Monday.

Why did I think working from home was great?

Seriously? Another spill?

Please move over – it’s too hot to have you right on top of me.

Besides – working?!?!

Don’t be reading over my shoulder, either.


I know it’s hot!

Stop it!

I have a conference call, so you need to be quiet.

It’s like a meeting on the phone. It’s very important that you are quiet.

OMG – that’s it – both of you go in your rooms and play. Turn off that TV.


I don’t care what she said.


It’s hot.

Is this day over yet??

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Allison Says said...

Oh god...good luck. Fans? Make the kids go outside and play in the water?

It is hot. I'm getting out of my apartment in a few minutes when Alex wakes up from his nap because we live on the 11th floor and it is HOT in here.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

But it sure does make for a great blog post!

I NEVER try to work with the kid around. Daycare is across the street from our house, and she is just fine there annoying them. Of course, now that work is 3 miles from home, I don't really have an excuse to work for there. Whatever.

shipjumper said...

I guess you won't be working from home come Monday eh? I feel ya on the heat-it's nasty here too. Going to feel like 110 this weekend with the humidity factored in I guess and we don't have a/c yet in our 12 floor abode. Ack!!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

The days that I'm sitting in my climate controlled cubicle, missing my girlys, I will read this post to remind me why I'm at the office and not at home with them.


Karen said...

That pretty much sums up my days. Add in 2 more kids and the hubby who calls every hour.

Irene said...

Once in a while, I get this thought that maybe it would be nice to find some job that I could do from home. Just something, a few hours a day, that would not require office face time. Then reality smacks me in the face. I don't know how people actually do it. They MUST have a nanny.

Susan said...

Oh, my! This cracked me up. I used to feel guilty bringing my kids to their daycare on my days off. Ha! Got over that quickly.

And, you're right. Working from home with kids is a complete sham. Glad you survived it. Don't. Do. It. Again.

albamaria30 said...

Uh, yeah. I wanted to be a work at home mom. Until I figured out that they still needed to go to daycare so I could actually work. And I needed health care. And the corporate office is air conditioned.

Been there. It's funny to read about it, but not so funny living it.

ciao, rpm

hockamama said...

this post is freakin' hilarious!! I don't reckon it was much fun living it, but I sure did love reading it! It's been HOT here, too, thank God for popsicles and sprinklers