Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick Three - A Giveaway

Updated: No winners yet, so check the comments for some hints.

In less than 2 weeks, it will be my five year blogiversary (I started off at diaryland way back in April 2004), so I have decided to celebrate. I will probably share some of my favorite entries over the past five years and pretend that it’s not just laziness keeping me from writing something original. And I’ll justify it by telling myself that most of my current readers didn’t know me way back when, so it actually is original. So there.

But I’ll make it up to you with five giveaways – one for each year. And I think I will add a little to each giveaway (but don’t get too excited – there won’t be any laptops or iPods here – I’m no Pioneer Woman. Still – free stuff is free stuff) . C’mon – it’ll be fun!

The first prize is a $15 iTunes gift card, which will go to the first person who can name three songs that are on my iPod (yes, I’m making you work for it – I get so little pleasure these days – humor me). You can guess more than once, and I’ll keep it open until someone gets it.

The rules: the songs must be by different artists and can’t be any of the songs I list below.

Hints: I have varied tastes in music, though I am not a big fan of current R&B or rap. And I’m not a jazz fan. Otherwise, I have stuff on there from current albums and from 4 decades ago.

Anyway, since today’s prize is about music, I’ve decided to do a music meme. The “Pick Three” music meme.

And also – I need to point out the fact that many of these are old, since I am so entirely out of touch with today’s music.

Song(s) That I Loathe to the Core of My Being

* Cherish – Remember that song? I don’t know who it is by 0- I think of them as “the miserable, evil fuckers are who tried to kill me with it”. All these years later, it makes me want to stab someone.

* Viva la Vida – I like Coldplay well enough, but I find this song entirely annoying.

* The horror that is Carrie Underwood’s version of Home Sweet Home. Stabby!

Musical Artist(s) That I Loathe to the Core of My Being

*post-80s Madonna

*Shania Twain

*Michael McDonald. Never liked him, but 40 Year Old Virgin and Taylor Hicks cemented it.

Rolling Stones Song(s) I Love

(I’m not a huge Stones fan, so there’s only about 3 that I really like. . .)

* Wild Horses

* Angie

* Not Fade Away

Beatles Song(s) I Love

(How could I possibly narrow this down to only 3?)

* While My Guitar Gently Weeps

* She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

* Rocky Raccoon (this one was the boy’s favorite song when he was 3)

Who Song(s) I Love

* The Kids Are Alright


*Long Live Rock

Reggae Song(s) I Love

* Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

* Redemption Song - Bob Marley

* Is This Love - yep - him again

Country Song(s) I Love

(Gah - I’ll stick to the older or less mainstream, since I couldn’t narrow the new stuff. And it’s still impossible.)

* Lay You Down - Conway Twitty. No – Hello Darlin. No. I don’t know.

* Seminole Wind - John Anderson

* Luckenbach Texas - Waylon Jennings

Movie Soundtrack(s) I Love

* Oh Brother Where Art Thou

* Dirty Dancing

* Pretty In Pink

Musical Soundtrack(s) I Love

* The Civil War (The Nashville Sessions)

* Man of la Mancha (because I was in it in High School and know all the words. Plus I had sex for the first time with one 18 year old Mr. Don Miguel de Cervantes/Quixote himself, so it holds special memories for me)

* Beauty and the Beast (this may be cheating since it was a movie first, but damn it –I love it)

Cover Song(s) I Love

* Shameless by Billy Joel (cover by Garth Brooks – my wedding song)

* When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley (Alison Krauss cover)

* Crazy by Willie Nelson (cover by Patsy Cline)

Contemporary Top-40 Artist(s) I Secretly Love

* Love is really too strong a word. . .

* Because I can’t think of one I love

* But then, maybe I am being too narrow in my definition, because all I think of is Britney Spears and Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and then I puke. And get stabby.

Song(s) That Bring Me to Tears

* He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

* The Dance - Garth Brooks

* Where’ve you been – Cathy Mattea (I actually have to turn this one off sometimes because it leaves me a sobby mess)

Song(s) That Make Me Shake My Ass

* Smooth - Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas

* La Bamba - Ritchie Valens/Los Lobos

* Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead

Classical Composer(s) I Love

* Mozart

* Chopin

* Vivaldi

Rap/Hip-Hop Song(s) I Love

* Rappers Delight - Sugar Hill Gang (Old, old me. . .)

* I’m sure there are more, but I’ll be damned if I could name them

* Does Word Up count as rap? (God, I’m old)

70s Disco Song(s) I Love

Man- I love disco – I can’t narrow it down. Other than everything by Earth Wind and Fire:

* I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

* Last Dance - Donna Summer

* Dancing Queen – ABBA

and eleventy five others (have I mentioned how old I am?)

70s Supergroup Song(s) I Love

* Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ - Journey (I love all Journey songs, actually)

* Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin

* Best of Times - Styx

Metal Song(s) I Love

* I haven’t loved metal since the 80s and I’m getting tired of thinking, so suck it, music meme

New Wave Song(s) I Love

(Do these count? Because they were “new wave” in the 80’s. I checked, though and they’re on “new wave” compilation albums, anyway, so I am using them)

* Melt with You - Modern English

* Safety Dance - Men without Hats

* Hungry like the Wolf - Duran Duran

Soul/R&B Song(s) I Love

I only rally like the old stuff (again with the old)

* Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight

* Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul

* Kiss and Say Goodbye - Manhattans

Power Ballad(s) I Love

This is another hard one to narrow down, because power ballads are all about the 80’s and being an angsty teen I the 80’s, I loved this shit.

* Mama, I’m Coming Home - Ozzy

* I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner

* Keep on Loving You – REO Speedwagon

Pre Rock and Rock Era Songs I Love

* Run Around Sue (this one because it reminds me of Tammy. It might not exactly be PRE-rock, but it’s close enough)

* In the Mood - Glenn Miller

* Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Andrew Sisters

Punk Song(s) I Love

* London Caling – The Clash

* I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones

* Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols

Singer/Songwriter Song(s) I Love

* Rocky Mountain High - John Denver

* River - Natalie Merchant

* Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan

MTV Video(s) I Love

(hello - I show my age by merely admitting that have ever seen a video on MTV. I guess I should just say Video Killed the Radio Star and call it a day)

* Take on Me - Aha

* Drive - The Cars

* Keep Your Hands to Yourself - Georgia Satellites (I know - no big special effects or anything, but they just looked like they were having so much find riding around in the back of that truck)

“None of the Above” Songs I Love

* Row Jimmy - Grateful Dead – My all-time favorite Dead song.

* Hillbilly Deluxe - Brooks (my sexy future husband) and Dunn (it’s not really a “none of the above”, but I don’t care. We’re talking about my future husband here and if I want to include him again, I can)

* Primal Scream – Rusted Root

Guilty Pleasures

* Eh - haven’t I embarrassed myself enough already?

Songs to Have A Little Fun (*ahem*) To

* Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (ahh, this one takes me back to college and my favorite One That Got Away. The one I always hope I’ll see again and yet sort of hope I’ll never see again, because I don’t know what my reaction would be)

*I don’t know – if I have enough alcohol, any song can be one

* But I can tell you which song is not good, and that would be the song that was playing just as I was about to have sex for the very first time – Relax, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (lyrics: “Relax, don’t do it, when you want to go to it, relax don't do it, when you want to come”). Not very romantic. I told Frankie to suck it and did it anyway.

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Tara said...

If I get them wrong, can I guess again? :-)

1.) John Cougar Mellancamp or whatever he called himself at the time: Small Town (because, duh, we were born in a small town.

2.) Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places (don't we all have 'em?)

3.) Kenny Chesney - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem (trying to think of 'new' country here and I don't know many B&D songs!)

Allison Says said...

Here are my guesses:

ABBA: Honey Honey

Madonna: Like a Virgin

Beatles: Eleanor Rigby

meno said...

Baba 0'Reily by The Who

Ray of Light by Madonna

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

I don't have any of these on mine, but i should.

Burgh Baby said...

Dude, you make things HARD. Here we go:

Grateful Dead--Good Lovin'
Neil Young--Harvest Moon
Celine--Beauty and the Beast

Steve said...

Casey Jones by Grateful Dead
Have a Cigar by Pink Floyd
Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin

Burgh Baby said...

Grateful Dead--Good Lovin'
Neil Young--Harvest Moon
Bob Dylan--Idiot Wind (because who doesn't love a song with the word "Idiot" in it)

Gina said...

Still no winner - a couple with 2, though...

Gina said...

Some hints:

There are 3 guesses that have 2 correct

I have more old stuff than new

I like good guitar, whether rock, blues, bluegrass, etc

There is one super obvious song that no one has guessed

Doreen said...

Grateful Dead--Good Lovin'
Neil Young--Harvest Moon
Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Doreen said...

Casey Jones by Grateful Dead
Neil Young--Harvest Moon
Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Gwen said...

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake
Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cindy Lauper

Anyway, I think posting some of your old stuff is a great idea. I don't always have time to go back and read people's archives but I'm definitely interested in the older stuff. I've thought about posting some older stuff, too, for my new readers. Some of my best work was written a while back. Sigh. Anyway, looking forward to your posts.

Tara said...

OK, trying again using the hints:

Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Casey Jones - Dead
Last Dance - Donna Summer (wildcard?)

Tara said...


Harvest Moon
Casey Jones
Red Dirt Girl - Emmylou Harris (another wildcard - trying to think older&bluegrass&guitar)

Michelle said...

Oh how fun... I could so enjoy these :)

What about:

Lady in Red by ummm Chris De Burgh (I had to look that up)

Jack And Diane - John Cougar

Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root

Roger said...

Wild Horse - Rolling Stones
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (?)

That's my guess, and this is only my first time reading your blog. How exciting is that?!?!?!

I'm mylhibug on plurk, in case I don't look familiar.

Tara said...

OK I'll try one more time, apparently I'm either OCD or have too much time on my hands...

Grateful Dead--Good Lovin'
Neil Young--Harvest Moon
Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia

(can I guess two songs by the same band?)

Amy said...

Like a Virgin by Madonna
Straight Tequila Night by John Anderson
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin

Amy said...

Here's another go:
Hotel California - Eagles
Imagine - John Lennon
Boot Scootin' Boogie - B&D

Hedge said...

Ok, I will now post my CORRECT answers to the correct post. Here it goes:

Sugar Magnolia: The Grateful Dead
A Long December: Counting Crows
Breathe: Pink Floyd
As I said before I so would of said "Wish You Were Here" without reading any further into the entry.

Gina said...


Hedge said...

I rock, even though I am technically exempt from winning contests.