Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's 2 AM - I can't think up a title

I had an impromptu Take Your Daughter to Work Day on Friday. For some reason, Thursday night, she decided she wanted to go to work with me the next day, and started asking to go. I am usually very good at No. I can be the terrible, horrible, no good very bad mom. The mean mom. No. No. No. I can deny my child all the really awesome things in life that the other kids are doing, like knife-throwing and dog-painting and Molotov cocktails, and not blink an eye. But somehow, when she started begging to go, looking all cute and shit, my resolve went all to hell and I gave in. I managed to hold on to mean mom status until the morning at least, but when she jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn and started looking for “something nice to wear to the office,” I was done. Since it was a short summer Friday and the office was practically empty, it was a good day to do it.

She wanted to hit Lulu’s afterward, and as lovely as that would have been, I wanted to get the hell out of the city while the getting was good, so I traded her a Lulu’s for some cheese fries and a movie. We went to see Ice Age 3, and I almost fell asleep I the beautiful stadium seating, reclining chair, air-conditioned heaven.

Then on the way home, we stopped at an ice cream place that I have been driving past every single day for eleven years on my way to and from work and discovered that they have Dole Whip! You have no idea what this means to me. Dole Whip is the treat of my Happy Place and I have never seen it outside of there. I simultaneously celebrated the discovery and lamented the thousands of delicious pineapple-y treats I have missed out on over the years. I’m in trouble. My ass is in trouble.


The boy is home from scout camp and was very proud to show off his trophy from the biggest fish competition. Out of 400+ people, he had the biggest catch of the week – a big fat, 18 ¾ inch large mouth bass. He broke the (troop for sure – maybe camp) record and also had the 2nd and 3rd largest. He was magic this week, apparently. I was so happy for him. He also earned 3 more merit badges, had a great time, and despite being certified to use both fire and a knife, came home with all the appendages he left with. Even better, all my towels came home this year. WIN!

I’ll just let you go ahead and imagine how many times he showered in the six days he was there, though.


I spent about a week trying to get the Dayman song from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia out of my head. Do you watch this show? It’s seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Of course, I like trashy, stupid, raunchy un-PC comedy, so it’s right up my alley. So at first I was singing Nightman, but it’s not that catchy, and Dayman is. Plus the Dayman is the master of karate and friendship for everyone, so what’s better than that, right? But after 6 days of singing it, I was driving myself crazy because no matter what else I listened to or sang, I could not get it out of my head. Until this morning, when something else made it’s way in and sent the Dayman packing. Good, right? Yeah – not so much:

You’re welcome.


Finally, right before she went to bed tonight, the girl was listening to her dad practice guitar with his new Neil Young song book. And she came out with her guitar to sing me “her new song”

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Jennifer said...

That was adorable. She is so freaking cute! How did you keep a straight face during that song??!??!!

Karly said...

Her singing was impressive! She's adorable!

meno said...

I believed your son's fish tale until you said that all the towels came home. NO WAY am i believing that.

Gina said...

Jen - I am used to it - she is always singing me songs. She "writes" her own, but this time, she really thought she was playing Cowgirl in the Sand.

Karly - thanks! She actually does have a nice little voice. She is performing at a travel show in September.

meno - WAY!! Lat year, he was missing several items of clothing and three towels.

Kat said...

When my girls went to camp...they came home without a lot of clothes. But my youngest has everyone in her cabin's socks in her bag. I have over 20 pairs. Outrageous!

And there is a dole whip outside WDW?? Really? We are going in September...and that will be one of the must dos on our list.

Michelle said...

Coming from someone who doesn't fish, I'm appropriately impressed. I hope we get to do Scout camp with Mister Man as he gets older!

And how sweet that your daughter wanted to go to work with you. Neither of my children ever do -- and I can't say I blame them. Then again, I work from home two days a week, so they see how boring it is!

Elisa said...

OMG, she's the cutest!

I want to see Ice Age 3! How was it?