Friday, May 21, 2010

I Get No Support Whatsoever For My Crazy

Mr b: Oh, I forgot to tell you - the census people came the other day.

Me: What? How could you forget to tell me? You know I have been waiting for the census police to come back since 2000!

Mr b: I don't know. It wasn't a big deal?

Me: Not a big deal? It IS a big deal! What did you tell them?

Mr b: What do you mean? I answered their questions.

Me: You didn't answer ethnicity, did you?

Mr b: I don't know - I just wanted to get rid of them so I could get back to work.

Me: Oh My GOD! You answered ethnicity!! How am I supposed to Fight the Power if you don't help me??"

Mr b: Whatever.

Me: I can NOT work under these conditions.

Mr b: *gets as far away from the crazy as he can*

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Funky Mama Bird said...

Due to when we moved, we never got officially counted by the census. In fact, I didn't get counted last time around either. I'm starting to wonder just how long I can go.

I hate their stupid questions. I feel like the form should say, who lives here, and how old. Period. Everything else has no purpose on that form for what they say it's for.

Anonymous said...