Monday, May 31, 2010

Now That She's a Cheerleader, We're Really Going to Have to Stop Making These Jokes

Yesterday, we went geocaching with my friend Rapunzel and her son. At one point, we ended up by a creek and the kids were looking for salamanders and crawfish. Suddenly, the girl started squealing, "Look, look!" We looked, but didn't see what she was so excited about, so she told us:

The Girl: It's a cheerleader bug!

Me: A what?

The Girl: A cheerleader bug!

Rapunzel: I don't see anything.

The Girl: It's right there!

Me: What makes it a cheerleader bug?

The Girl: There's one bug and then another bug on top of her.

Rapunzel: Yep - that's a cheerleader bug, alright.

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meno said...

ha ha hahahaha! That's awesome.

AmyLK said...

that's cute!

Anonymous said...