Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cat versus Dog

Dog: "I'm biting you! Woooo!!!"

Cat: "Go away!"

Cat: "No really - GO AWAY!"

Cat: "I'll pound your head!"

Cat: "I'll bite your ears!"

Cat: "I'll eat your lips!"

Dog: "Still biting you! I'm biting your leg!"

Cat: "BAD DOG!"

Cat: "I kill you!"

Dog: "You don't scare me! I'm biting your butt!"


Dog: "Now I'm eating your arm! Delicious!"

Cat: "Go! AWAY!!"
Dog: "Uncle!"

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bluzdude said...

Brilliant post!

I think a cat's default thought-bubble is "I kill you." Besides "Feed me."

This series reminds me of my old pets, when we had a Golden and a Siamese that had grown up together. The Golden soon figured out that leading with her nose would get her biffed about 17000 times before she could pull back. She quickly learned to come in with her big furry back haunches... let the cat bite on her bushy tail... then she'd spin around and flop on him and lick his head.

Bethtastic said...

I love that. Love.

I also love cats. And was reminded of the time our cat beat up our friend's dog. Beat up as in "go to the vet for medication" beat up. It still makes me giggle because that silly dog was asking for it. ;)

Mechelle said...

I had a great dane, Sarabi, who was my protecter, until a black cat walked across the fence, hissed at us and all of her hair, including tail puffed up...Sarabi damn near knocked me down getting away from that cat!