Monday, February 4, 2008


Tomorrow is Super Tuesday – the day that 24 states have their primaries. And even though Pennsylvania is not one of them, I can’t pass up the chance to tell people what to do, so I’m telling you – if your state has it’s primary – vote. I’m pulling a previously published entry out of the vault, dusting it off and updating it. Partly because I’m lazy and any shortcut is a good one to me and partly because – sadly – little had changed since I first posted this. Regardless of my motivation or lack thereof, you should vote. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Because someone is talking about raising your taxes or reassessing your property or cutting your benefits or taking your land or raising your energy costs or lowering your wages or eliminating your job. Vote.

2. Because you love to run your big fat mouth about the government, and the problems in your country or state or city or borough. Vote.

3. Because we all should have the right to get married. Vote.

4. Because you're sick of making 77 cents on the dollar (or 66 or 55) compared to your white, male counterpart.

5. Because even though you believe in God (or not), you understand that he doesn't belong in our schools. Besides, if he's in your heart, you don't need someone to lead you to him during recess anyway. Or because you think he does belong there. Vote.

6. Because you have no social life and fucking with the last-minute campaign workers is fun. As they thrust their literature at you, hand them your card. Or a losing lottery ticket. Or a playing card. Or a tootsie pop. Or a scientology brochure. Have fun with it. Vote.

7. Because pretty soon it might be your city that has an official who wants to ban dancing because it's a "social ill" that leads to indecent behavior and violence. Or it already IS your town. Vote.

8. Because your local sheriff thinks it's OK to fire you because you are 'living in sin'. Vote.

9. Because there's nothing on TV at that time anyway. Vote.

10. Because you're damned sick and tired of hearing about more and more (and more) casualties. Vote.

11. Vote.

12. Because voting is HOT! Vote.

13. Because you can. Vote.

14. Because you should. Vote.

15. Because the notion that blind allegiance = patriotism needs to abolished once and for all. Vote.

16. Because Sayid is foxy. OK, this one had nothing to do with voting, but still, when you watch Lost on Thursday, you can enjoy the hotness of Sayid even more knowing you voted. And think about it - after 9/11 there are a lot of people who would have shipped him "back home" for being an "Ay-rab", even though he was born in the UK and is of Indian descent. Vote.

18. Because regardless of what you thought of the outcome, Election 2000 should never happen again. Vote.

19. Because way too many people are still displaced in the southeast US. Vote.

20. Because poverty is still a huge problem in the US. Vote.

21. Because I said so. Vote.

22. Because breathing other people's smoke sucks. Vote.

23. Because you want control over your own body. Vote.

24. Because no book should ever be banned. Vote.

25. Because not many of us can afford college. Vote

26. Because 46 million Americans are without health care. Think this doesn't affect you? You're wrong. These people end up using emergency rooms for basic healthcare, which clogs up the system, resulting in inferior care and increased costs for everyone. Vote.

27. Because over 13 million children in the US (and 300 million worldwide) go to bed hungry every night and don't know when their next meal will come. Vote.

28. Because that Native American from the 70s? Still crying. Vote.

29. Because you do not need an AK47 to kill a deer. Vote.

30. Because 44 years later, we're still not judging people by the content of their character. Vote.

31. Because you, unlike your president, can pronounce nuclear . Vote.

32. Because the suffragettes and the civil rights workers didn't their bust their asses for you to sit on yours. Vote.

33. Because so very many children are being left behind. Vote.

34. Because as much as it sucks, picking the lesser of the two evils is better than letting everyone else pick for you. Vote.

So, in case you didn't get me: Please Vote.

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Girlplustwo said...

dude, amen.


Magpie said...

I voted. Early this morning.

Burgh Baby said...

Thanks for stopping by my place!

I H.A.T.E. that by the time it's our turn, it may not matter. I'm itching to make my opinion mean something. And #11? That's a real good reason to get out and vote.

meno said...

That is beautiful.

My ballot os in the mail.