Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Five: Childhood Indulgences

1. When did you last have a mid-day nap?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait. You’re serious? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, let’s see. I’d say probably sometime in1996 when I was pregnant with my first child.

2. When did you last have milk and cookies?

I can’t even remember. I have had cookies very recently, but the milk not so much. I actually like milk, but never really drink it. And I don’t care for milk and cookies. I like milk, I like cookies, but together – blech. And don’t even get me started on the heinous practice of dunking. Gag!

3. When did you last have a bubble bath?

Two weeks ago – it was the last real bath I took before that hugely expensive asshole motherfucker of a water heater died for good. Fucker.

4. When did you last jump on the furniture?

I jumped on the bed in the hotel in Disney out of sheer excitement.

5. When did you last play in the mud?

Does falling in the mud count? If so – about a month ago. Otherwise – I have never been much of a mud girl. Dirt, maybe, but not mud.

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Karly said...

Regarding number 2: NOT EVEN OREOS? You don't dunk your oreos? That's wrong!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

midday naps - they only work for me in the summer time; after a day of sun and fun (and the last one); yeah 7 years ago.

milk & cookies - oh, about once a month (at least - explains the hips and the jlo doesn't it).

A BB - my girl had one the other day...the last one I had was easily more than 6 months ago. I'm seriously DUE.

Jump - hahahaha - back when I was thin and I didn't worry about breaking the furniture.

Mud = YUCKY CUCKY GROSS! With you on the Dirt thing.