Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Because I'm Pretending That Christmas Isn't Over

I wanted to do some giveaways before Christmas, but things got crazy at work and I only managed to get one done. So I am going to pretend that Christmas isn't actually over and make up for it now with a few small giveaways over my next few posts.


A couple of days before Christmas, I was shopping in Target and I had an encounter with a Parent from Hell. Being that it was at the height of the Christmas craziness, you can imagine how packed the store was, so it was a bit of a task to navigate around without bumping anyone. As I was coming though the aisle of children's books, there was a man there with his son, who appeared to be a special needs child. The son looked to be about 13 or so – a pretty big kid.

The father was standing there while his son was sprawled across the floor of the aisle, reading a book. Being the age and size that he was, he took up pretty much the whole aisle (perhaps not the best idea on December 22nd). I would have gone backwards out of the aisle, but I couldn’t because there were people behind me. So I said excuse me and started to make my way through. The dad moved out of my way, but he didn’t have his son move at all. I had just enough space to get through and as I passed (quite slowly, to be careful), the boy shot his foot out and the front wheel of my shopping cart bumped the bottom of his shoe lightly and moved his foot a couple inches.

Just as I was pulling my cart backwards and saying, “I’m sorry”, the guy screamed at me, “Hey! Watch Out! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!” Then he grabbed the side of the cart, picked it up and threw it. The cart flew about two feet, puling me with it. It’s rare that I am ever rendered speechless, but by god, this guy managed to do it, so congratulations, asshole! I stood there for a minute, looking at him, all while he very pointedly refused to look at me. And then I finally just said, “Really? That’s seriously what you have decided is an appropriate action for a minor thing that wasn’t even my fault? (more refusing to look at me) OK, then, well…Happy Holidays!”

And then I went to the checkout line where the ratio of customers to open cashiers was 268,340,761, 542 : 1. And then I waited in line for a million hours and died 16 times of frustration and 87 times of boredom and paid too much for stuff I wasn’t even sure I wanted in the first place and then I went and got ice cream.

So today’s giveaway prize is a $15 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery, where the fresh cream ice cream mixed with…oh anything…makes me forget all about assholes for short time.

To enter, leave me a comment and tell me what is your favorite thing at Cold Stone Creamery. Or, tell me a story about an asshole like the one above and get two entries. I’ll keep it open until Saturday.

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Amy said...

You realize, talking about Cold Stone is going to make me crave it until I cave in and go get it. Thanks! I like the sweet cream ice cream with all the peanut butter/chocolate things possible mixed in.

Sorry about the asshole. Glad I don't have a story to top that!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

That sounds awful...

but Cold Stone sounds awesome!

JenniferC said...

What. An. Ass.

Is it wrong that I'm sitting here dreaming of things you could have done to him in response? People like that just make me crazy.

Bethtastic said...

So...perhaps online shopping is in your future? After the encounter with the TWBASA, and now the AssholeDad...

Whew! I'd eat more than one ice cream after all that...

And I'm with JenniferC, I'm thinking of all the things that should be done to idiots like that. But honestly, your line was priceless. Well done.

We just got our first CSC near here a year ago, and I'm sorry to say I haven't been in to try. So... pick me!!! :D

Burgh Baby said...

A twofer: So, we went to Coldstone this past weekend. On the way there, I was having saliva-inducing dreams about my lover Rocky Road Trip. We walk in and I see a sign that basically says, "Due to supply issues, we no longer have marshmallows."

Marshmallows. An essential component of my lover's magical ways.

Supply problem. As if you can't get them absolutely positively anywhere for pretty much nothing.

Whoever owns that Coldstone is a giant asshole for not having my damn marshmallows, then blaming it on a "supply" problem instead of just admitting he's an asshole.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm....I LOVE coldstone! My favorite is oatmeal cookie batter with pecans and whipped cream. oh, man, that's to die for.

and my a**hole story also involves a man, a kid and wheels. I was coming out of walmart and watching a guy drive the wrong way down the aisle, then back in (crooked) to the space beside my car. then, before I could caution my neice to watch her door, she MILDLY bumped it into his door. he promptly jumped out and stormed over to survey the damage. luckily, it hit the black plastic strip (probably made there for just that reason) and didn't leave a mark.

he just glared at me when I said, "huh, looks like you parked too close". jerk.