Friday, January 23, 2009


Things that make me happy:

It's Friday!

Going to the bookstore to pick up Inkheart (recall I’m a big geek-reader and generally, when a new movie comes out that was based on a book, I ignore the movie and read the book instead - it's always better), and walking out with Searching for the Sound for $1.89. Score!

My new Ipod Touch. This was the best kind of Christmas gift. The kind that I had no idea that I even wanted, but as it turns out - I really, really did. It’s awesome having the music I love – the music you never, ever hear on the radio – at my fingertips:

My job. I know I’m a bit of a Pollyanna about Awesome Company, but I swear – they really are awesome. I love what I do, I love what our company does, I love my bosses. I work with a group of really smart, fun, kind, funny, wonderful people and I am well aware of how lucky I am. If I ever feel even slightly jaded about things here, all I have to do is remind myself of my last job and I snap out of it. While I had a few coworkers who were really great, I also worked amid some of the fucked up weirdoes I have ever met (and not the good kind of weird fucked-up-ed-ness, either). There was cattiness, overly competitive bullshit, way too much gossip, way too little money, and the worst boss, ever. He was snobby, cheap, and an asshole. At a Christmas party at his house (which he spent the previous year telling us all what he paid for it “in cash”), he had two different “levels” of liquor. One for him, his wife, and a couple other bigwigs (which included a couple selections of red and white wine and some decent liquor, served in nice glasses), and another for the rest of us (big jugs of low end screw-top wine, and such liquor selections as Popov vodka, served in plastic) Also – don’t get me wrong – if I come to your house and you serve me any of those selections, I will happily and graciously drink them. But if you have better stuff and don’t think I am good enough for it, you’re an asshole. And really, I can sum up the kind of guy he is in one sentence: he has been heard introducing his children as “My biological son and my adopted daughter”.

Snow! I want more!

Having a viola player entertain us on Christmas Eve. So cool.


Weird family:

The fact that this didn’t happen at my house:


Girls with guitars:

New Year's Eve:

Shortly after this, we serenaded the entire neighborhood with "The Greatest Love of All", and announced that George Benson is the best and Whitney is a crack whore. So to those residents of South Fayette who got to enjoy our performance: You're welcome.

Things that make me unhappy:

Traffic during snow season. The normal Pittsburgh nightmare of driving with the Asshole Traffic Brigade reaches new lows of ballsuckery during snow season.

Having one’s “class clown” reputation overshadow ones intelligence or compassion or authority. It sucks. I can be silly and goofy and a little bit of a hothead, and still be smart and kind and in control. And just because I joke around a lot doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings that can be hurt.

The fact that the fuckbucket dog knocked maple syrup onto my carpet and his brother, the fucknugget cat tracked it all around.

Ending on an unhappy note, so I will go back to things that make me happy:

The fact that my SILs are coming down on Saturday for our monthly drunkover. Yay! I’m so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life. Being an only child, suddenly having sisters means the world to me. I know so many people who dread in-law time and I know how lucky I am. I now have six sisters-on-law, and a whole slew of nieces and nephews who get a huge kick out of being my age or older and calling me Aunt Gina ( I have to keep reminding them that their uncle robbed the cradle). There are even great and great-great nieces and nephews. It’s awesome. Also awesome? My SIL Weenie and niece Scabs, who indulge my nonsense:

I gave them these for Christmas and told them they were appropriate whether we were together or apart.

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Tara said...

Procrastinating at work... "So to those residents of South Fayette who got to enjoy our performance: You're welcome." So is THAT what was making our dogs howl??? ;-) HAPPY Friday!

Karen said...

Maple syrup on the carpet is not good. I'd kill 'em. And I'm sooo glad that the paper scrap mess wasn't at my house as well.

Tanyetta said...

That paper confetti gave me the hives just seeing it! LOL

Hey!!! Great photos and LOVE the things that make you happy.

Ho, Ho, Ho,

Hey, what chew call me? LOL

Chris said...

Holy hell @ the paper mess. I'd be thankful for that, too!
FYI, I generally try to refrain from using "curses" in comments, but since you used the words fuckbucket and fucknugget, I think I'm safe. And.. I'm stealing those words. LOL

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Great pictures!

Love to see you smile!

I just started using my iPod (my gift last christmas) but this year for my birthday I got it hooked up to play in my car and I sooooooooo love it. Listening to what I want to listen to - ROCKS! I'll be downloading some books that I want to read this weekend. Can't Wait!

Burgh Baby said...

I have yet to find a use for my iPod Touch. The kid steals it so she can watch P!nk videos, but that's about as much as it gets used. Maybe I need you to teach me, oh wise Touch user.

Shelly said...

That is awesome. Totally agree on the good job part. I have a good job now, but have had (several!) bad jobs in the past. It's a great reminder to appreciate what you have.