Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday 5: Lucky (and more pretending it's still Christmas)

First off - don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Coldstone Creamery contest. It's open until Saturday. And there's a new one today.


1. Among people you know, who seems to be lucky in love?

Holy shit, I can’t think of anyone – how sad is that. I mean, I know people who seem happy, but most of my friends and relatives are – while not necessarily unhappy – basically just OK. I don’t think I know anyone (well) who is ,wildly happy and in love. I figure it’s partly because we, as women, tend to vent with each other, so we hear about the crappy stuff a lot. And also because I am really jaded.

2. Among people you know, who seems to be lucky with money?

Again – hahahahahahahahahahaha!

3. Among people you know, who’s lucky to be alive?

Mr. B, without a doubt. For those of you who didn’t know me back when, in August of 2004, mr b was in an accident on the job. He fell off a roof and shattered both heels. There were surgeries and lots of rehab and way too long a stay in a nursing home and hospital beds and portable toilets and months of wheelchair confinement, and a period of time where he couldn’t even ride in a car (and thank god for some friends who owned a wheelchair fitted van), and depression, and me all alone with an infant and a young child, and crutches and walkers and canes. And it was awful. Here’s some of what I wrote about it back then:

“5 Seconds. That's about how long it took from the shift of the plywood and the man on the ground. He was squatting on a steep roof, putting down the plywood and he simply started sliding. There was no fault, no trip, no loss of balance, just a sudden sense of movement and he was going over. He fell straight down and landed square on his feet. He's lucky not to be paralyzed. He's lucky to be alive. I'm lucky. But it still sucks. Gravity worked and he fell and things changed.”

So that pretty much answers that.

4. Among people you know, who seems to have the worst luck?

Any of my sisters-in-law will do – go ahead, pick one. Those poor women have all been through the wringer at times.

5. What kinds of good-luck charms do you own or carry?

None – I’m not particularly superstitious. Although I used to consider myself pretty lucky. I have won quite a few radio contests and a few big raffles when I was a kid. But that luck seems to have burned itself completely out now.


OK, today's giveaway is for the girls - the little ones, that is. Just in time for Valentine's Day, I have an assortment of Valentine stickers, crafts, , some Valentine colored bath confetti and sparkly little notebooks, as well as a tiny High School Musical keyboard and a couple of princess crafts.

Leave me a comment and tell me if you are a Valentine's Day celebrator, or if - like me - you couldn't give a particular shit.

I'll keep it open until Monday.

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Chris said...

Wow @ hubby's story. My husband does lots of roofing and that's one of my biggest fears. Thank goodness he wasn't paralyzed!

As for Valentine's day, every day is V-day in my house. *swoons over her hubby* Haha - I'm SO kidding.

About 8 years ago, hubby bought me a stuffed bear, candles and Hershey Kisses AND he put them all in the same tightly wrapped gift bag. Since then, I sort of avoid the holiday for fear of more candle flavored chocolates. *gag*

Bethtastic said...

Holy cow about your man - crazy! I'm glad you still have him.

Erm. We LOVE Valentine's Day around here! Since I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad have even given me some gift for Valentine's Day, and now the tradition continues with our kids.
We dress in red and hearts, and have presents and treats.

Yea, we're ridiculous.

But my little red-haired girl would LOVE a Valentine package!! :D

Burgh Baby said...

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Just thinking about breaking a heel makes me cringe, cry, and want to crawl under my desk. Ouch.

Valentine's Day? Is a GIANT pain in my ass. Mr. H's birthday is a week later so trying to figure out two gifts for his no-need-nothing ass is a royal irritation. Of course, it would help if he weren't so insanely picky about what people buy for him.

meno said...

Valentines day is a boon to the floral, candy and diamond industry.

It is a non-event to me.

Days like These! said...

So glad your hubby survived the accident!! SO SCARY!

Mackenna would LOVE the valentines prize ;)

juliloquy said...

Oh god, #3. I feel sorry for myself when my husband is sick on the couch for a day and I whine that I have to do everything. I can't imagine.